Advocate Legal Search


Advocate Legal Search has been an active member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants (NALSC), founded in 1984, for over 20 years. Mary Lee Augustine served on its Board of Directors for over ten years.

NALSC is the only national professional association of legal recruiters in the U.S. and has established close working relationships with many of the country’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments. In fact, a growing number of firms are writing clauses into their agreements with recruiting firms that require the recruiting firm –even if it is not a member of NALSC– to agree to uphold the NALSC Code of Ethics.

Advocate Legal Search strictly adheres to all tenets of the NALSC Code of Ethics which has become the standard for responsible, ethical recruiting in the national legal community.


212 Yacht Club Way, Suite A-8, Los Angeles, California 90277
p: (310) 798-0101

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