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Both principals of Advocate Legal Search, former practicing attorneys, have been successful legal recruiters in Southern California for over 20 years. We represent partners, associates, practice groups and law firms in search of new opportunities or affiliations.

We have developed an extensive network of high-level relationships and a wealth of specialized knowledge and insight into the evolving dynamics of the Southern California legal community complemented by our widespread contacts in the national and international legal world.

We offer personalized, in-depth support throughout the entire placement process. We assist law firms and individual attorneys in analyzing professional goals and the strategies necessary to attain them, and in developing business plans to support them. We help facilitate effective communication between the parties, recognize and resolve issues -be they apparent or latent- and do our best to assure the realization and success of mutually beneficial affiliations.

We Listen

In order to foster the best match for both the client law firm or corporation and the individual attorney(s), we consider it essential to know and thoroughly understand both sides of the equation -client and candidate.

We personally meet with our clients’ managing and hiring partners and department heads to gain all relevant information about the organization as a whole, its attorneys, practice areas and client base, history and culture, short-term and long-term goals in order to locate and attract the attorneys the firm is specifically seeking.

We also meet the attorney-candidate to assist him or her in formulating an individualized search strategy based on professional background, practice and experience, personal traits, motivations and goals.

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